02 June 2010

My Constant

Dang that headache! It could be a once a month thing or perhaps migraine just happens! But I've recently come to realise that perhaps my headache is caused by something else.

In recent months, I have been a frequent traveler from reality to Twitterverse. Due to high exposure to madness, obsession, endless discussion of Supernatural, Lost, Smallville and 24, my consciousness moves back and forth between reality and Twitterverse, like Eloise the mouse, I think my brain is short-circuited.

May be I can't tell the difference between reality and Twitterverse, it's like I have nothing to attach myself to. I do not have a constant and I need one, something that is present in both times and that I sincerely cares about and can recognise. And
I need to put my constant on a bungee.

Constant, I have none. But I have a theory about my headache though. It should heal by itself by May 2011.


One of the best things about television is that it never stops creating or re-inventing itself. Some of us are more than just viewers, we are passionate crazies who love our shows. Sometimes we get very critical, simple because we care. But most of the time, I'd like to think we simple just want to enjoy the ride and want our favorite shows to take us away from reality for 40 minutes every week. If a show can do more than than, I think it's a bonus. I have great admiration for people who can do things I am not able to do.

Television enters a new era every few years. There was a time when we loved a good paranormal drama, The X Files (1993), which set a high standard for other dramas in this genre. Then came the supernatural themed dramas, Buffy (1997), Charm (1998) and Angel (1999). When medical dramas were in their golden age, viewers loved some good quality medical dramas like ER (1994) and Chicago Hope (1994). Of course the industry saw sci-fi genre took off noticeably with Stargate SG1 (1997), Firefly (2002), BSG (2004) and Dr Who (2005). We have an unprecedented obsession with procedural cop shows, even when they aren't that good and they NEVER end, and I mean NEVER! There isn't a moment I switch on my TV without seeing NCIS. Now, the vampires are back sucking our blood with The Vampire Diaries, True Blood and the short-lived Moonlight.

I am a lucky viewer who live in an era of great television (reality TV not included and I don't like them, except Jamie Oliver)
. But I am afraid the end of an era, based purely on my personal television viewing preference, will come to a halt soon. A emotional farewell of Lost hit me in the head! Smallville season ten is likely to be the last. And who knows if Supernatural will go beyond season 6?

So, what am I going to do when all my favorite TV shows are over? I suppose apart from rewatching the shows, I can try new ones. The only new shows that I watch include Glee and The Big Bang Theory and Chuck. If I start watching The Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl, Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives or any procedural cop shows, please shoot me immediately.

One chapter closes, and hopefully I have the will to open another.

Send your CV with a photo and register your details if you want a date with me. I will be available from May 2011.

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